The Tender Bar - A Memoir

Uitgeverij: Onbekend
Uitvoering: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal Pagina's: 384
Afmetingen: 280x390x40
Verschijningsdatum: Januari 2005
EAN: 9781401300647
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J. R. Moehringer grew up captivated by a voice. It was the voice of his father, a New York City disc jockey who vanished before J. R. spoke his first word. Sitting on the stoop, pressing an ear to the ear to the radio, J. R. would strain to hear in that plummy baritone the secrets of masculinity and identity. Though J. R. 's mother was his world, his rock, he craved something more, something faintly and hauntingly audible only in The Voice.